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the diary of the one and only Gilderoy Lockhart!

(one day they'll pay for my thoughts.)

Gilderoy Lockhart!!
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bartemius's voice, dad but not mum, decoder rings!!, defending his honour, everything about myself!!, frank longbottom is the worst, his rare smile, his under-eye circles, i'll obliviate you (only joking!!), lending him quills, memory modifying charms!!, my best chum regulus!!, myself naturally, narcissa malfoy's hair!!, nicole rosier!!, peter pettigrew in general, poppycock regulus, practising my signature!!, professor flitwick's squeaky voice, regulus arcturus black!!, the obliviator headquarters, watching regulus glare at food, watching regulus glare at me, watching regulus glare in general, we both have blue eyes, when bartemius explains things